Marine Corps News – Workup for historic first F-35B Lightning operational deployment onboard USS Wasp (LHD-1)

USS Wasp

The US Marine Corps (USMC) announced on 9 January 2018 that F-35B Lightning IIs from Marine Fighter Attack Squadron VMFA 211 currently based at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma in Arizona will join the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (13 MEU) for 6 months of work up training, prior to the aircraft’s first operational deployment in the North Pacific onboard the USS Wasp (LHD-1).

F-35B STO 15 Aug 2013 USS Wasp DT-II

Formed in 1937, VMFA 211 are known as the ‘Wake Island Avengers’ and transitioned from AV-8B Harrier to the F-35B Lightning II in May 2016. They are currently assigned to Marine Aircraft Group 13, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing.

VMFA 211 Badge

Formed in 1985, the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (13th MEU) is one of seven Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs) currently in the United States Marine Corps (USMC). It consists of  a Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) with a strength of about 2,200 personnel and includes a Command element, reinforced Infantry Battalion, composite Aviation Squadron and a Combat Logistics Battalion. The 13th MEU is currently based out of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California.


Commissioned in 1989, USS Wasp (LHD-1) is a United States Navy multipurpose amphibious assault ship, and the lead ship of her class. She is the tenth USN vessel to bear the name since 1775, with the last two ships of the same name being aircraft carriers that earned 10 battle stars for their service during the Second World War.

USS Wasp Badge

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Famous Regiments – The Korps Mariniers

Korps Mariniers

Formed: 1665

Country: The Netherlands

Armed Service: Royal Netherlands Navy

Royal Netherlands Navy Jack

Current Role: Marine Corps

Locations: Doorn, Texel and Aruba

Structure: The Korps is 2,300 strong and part of the Netherlands Maritime Force and consists of:

  • Maritime Force Command Staff
  • 1st Marine Combat Group
    • 10th Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition Squadron (10 RSTA Sqn)
    • 11th (Parachute) Raiding Squadron (11 (Para) R Sqn)
    • 12th Raiding Squadron (12 R Sqn)
    • 13th Raiding Squadron (13 R Sqn)
    • 14th Combat Support Squadron (14 CS Sqn)
    • 15th Combat Service Support Squadron (15 CSS Sqn)
  • 2nd Marine Combat Group
    • 20th Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition Squadron (20 RSTA Sqn)
    • 21st Raiding Squadron (21 R Sqn)
    • 22nd Raiding Squadron (22 R Sqn)
    • 23rd (Parachute) Raiding Squadron (23 (Para) R Sqn)
    • 24th Combat Support Squadron (24 CS Sqn)

Motto: Qua Patet Orbis (“As Far as the World Extends”)

Korps Mariniers Capbadge

Battle Honours: 16

  • Chatham (1667)
  • Kijkduin (1673)
  • Senneffe (1674)
  • Spain (1702–13)
  • West Indies (1764. 1772–77)
  • Dogger Bank (1781)
  • Algiers (1816)
  • Bali (1846–49)
  • Aceh (1873–76)
  • Rotterdam (1940)
  • Java Sea (1942)
  • East Java (1942)
  • Java and Madura (1946–49)
  • New Guinea (1962)
  • Cambodia (1992–93)
  • Uruzgan (2006–10)

Korps Mariniers Beret

More information on the Korps Mariners can be found here:

Official website –